Sara Alert™ for Academia


Sara Alert™ is a standards-based, open source tool developed to control the spread of a pandemic. Sara Alert automates monitoring and reporting of individuals exposed to or infected with COVID-19 or any infectious disease. Sara Alert enables students and faculty to enter their symptoms daily, providing real time insights to university health staff working to contain the spread of the virus on campus. Sara Alert can help universities safely open campuses through increased efficiency in tracking potential cases, leading to earlier containment of the virus and reduction of burden on resources.

Sara Alert offers the following benefits for universities:


RAPID IDENTIFICATION of exposed individuals, enabling university health to contain the spread

ENSURE students or faculty sick with COVID-19 are immediately referred for care

SECURE INFORMATION exchange that protects individuals’ data and allows for real-time updates

REDUCE BURDEN to university health staff through automated workflow

RAPID RESPONSE and prioritized help to students and staff who need it most

PREVENTING FURTHER SPREAD by supporting individuals through the period of isolation and quarantine

Universities can use Sara Alert in one of two ways: 


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