Sara Alert™ is a standards-based, open source tool that automates the process of public health monitoring and reporting of individuals exposed to or infected with COVID-19 or any infectious disease. It was developed by public health experts for public health.  Sara Alert™ is available in the public domain, free of charge, to public health agencies.

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Dr. Jarris on Sara Alert™

Amid public health emergencies and pandemics, like COVID-19, it’s important for public health agencies to be able to respond swiftly. Dr. Paul Jarris, Chief Medical Advisor of MITRE’s health transformation center, gives an in-depth presentation on Sara Alert™ 

Sara Alert

The Benefit of Using Sara Alert™ to Public Health


Public health departments can use Sara Alert™ to remotely monitor individuals who have been diagnosed with an infectious disease or have been exposed to someone who is confirmed as having the disease.  The benefits of using Sara Alert™ include:

RAPID IDENTIFICATION of a person requiring medical assistance, allowing a local health department to arrange a medial visit with minimal additional exposure.

IMPROVED MONITORING of individuals through automated daily symptom checks via web, text, email or phone.

EFFICIENT EXCHANGE of information with opportunities to provide updates and receive data in real time.

REDUCED BURDEN as public health professional will be able to more quickly triage individuals based on their reported daily symptoms and focus their time on individuals based on disease risk.


Sara Alert™ in the News


Plans to amend quarantine guidelines underway, group working on getting homebound manamko’ vaccinated

Kuam News

“The proposed guidelines, we will require the 72 hours PCR testing prior to arrival,” he said. “And then, the QFACs are still in place, but hopefully, we can test out a little bit earlier, just because the 72 hours, we can test out on day 4, day 5. If it’s negative, you can go home and the next seven days quarantine with the SARA ALERT and the Guam COVID App in place.”

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RSU 3 rolls out automated text guidance service

Republican Journal

“Once you have received notification from the school, the Maine CDC’s Sara Alert system will begin sending you follow up guidance via text messages,” Brown said. “Sara Alert is an automated system that uses daily text messages to help people who have been identified as close contacts monitor for symptoms after exposure.

All students and staff will be enrolled in Sara Alert…,” Brown said in the letter. “There is nothing required of you to be automatically enrolled in this service.”

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A Force Multiplier: Tracing System Saves Precious Time For Health Professionals

CDC Foundation

With the support of the CDC Foundation, MITRE partnered with the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL), and local, state and federal agencies to develop Sara Alert, a standards-based, open-source tool designed to support monitoring of individuals at risk of developing COVID-19.

“We did not have a way to do case contact tracing or support people in quarantine and isolation efficiently and at scale,” Jarris said. “Sara Alert allows us to automate and modernize identification and monitoring of case contacts in quarantine, and positive cases in isolation.”

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