The workflow diagram below explains the process of how public health monitors an individual who is exposed or sick with COVID-10 through the Sara Alert™ system. Each step of the workflow is further detailed below the diagram.



1) When an individual is exposed to or sick with an infectious disease like COVID-19, the public health staff enrolls that person into the Sara Alert system for monitoring.

2) The individual will complete a quick, daily self-assessment via web, text, email or phone.

3) Their responses are stored in a secure, secure database on the pre-eminent AIMSplatform by the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL)

4) Sara Alert pulls the data into reports that are displayed in dashboards to provide real time insights to federal, state and local health departments.

5) Individuals sick with the disease are monitored while they are in isolation. Their symptoms are monitored daily until they meet the CDC recovery definition. Once they are recovered, their monitoring period ends, and their case is closed.

6) For individuals who have been exposed to the virus but are asymptomatic, they are monitored daily for 14 days. If they remain asymptomatic for all 14 days of the quarantine period, the exposure monitoring ends, and their case is closed

If during that time period, they report symptoms, they are referred by their public health department to the appropriate medical facility for testing.  If they test positive for the virus, they are placed into isolation monitoring until they meet the CDC recovery definition at which time their case closed and removed from the Sara Alert system.

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