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Sara Alert™ Resource Savings Calculator

This Excel-based calculator helps estimate the staff time and cost savings associated with use of the automated symptom monitoring feature of Sara Alert. This calculator can be used either retrospectively or prospectively to better understand the impact of automated symptom monitoring on the public health resources required to implement a disease response.

Download Resource Savings Calculator

Executive Summary


Sara Alert™ Evaluation Executive Summary

Executive summary of findings from an evaluation of Sara Alert, including an overview, description of use, impact, lessons learned, and use beyond COVID-19.

Download Evaluation Executive Summary


These resources were used to describe Sara Alert and how it supported jurisdictions’ response to COVID-19.


Fact Sheets


Sara Alert™ Fact Sheet

Sara Alert is an open-source tool that supports public health response to existing and emerging disease threats. Sara Alert automates active symptom monitoring, enabling jurisdictions to use their resources more efficiently to conduct large-scale monitoring efforts. Sara Alert is available for public and private use and is easily integrated into other tools. 

Download Sara Alert™ Fact Sheet

How Sara Alert™ Works

This infographic was developed to clearly describe how Sara Alert works to a person who was sick or exposed to COVID-19. It is available in English and Spanish.

Sara Alert™ Overview Video

This video was used to describe how Sara Alert supported the COVID-19 response.

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